Celebrating in Summer

The theme today in #30DaysofSummerWritingChallenge is ‘fiesta.’ While it could be a literal religious festival cum carnival (childhood’s Maria Assunta celebrations floated through my mind) or weeks spent eco-camping at Earth Song when I could still just about contemplate waking under canvas, the celebration that I finally fixed on was a wedding. Our wedding, which happens to have happened at the end of this month. So an anniversary poem seemed appropriate for two people who first encountered each other in the Hackney Poetry Circle one dark November evening nearly forty years ago.

We Do! (An Anniversary Poem)

Marry under a marque in August
is a prime example of hope triumphs
common sense. Our only insurance was
the Infant of Prague (£2.99)
outside our front door. Which, according to
local folklore, made sunshine a dead cert.

It was the sunniest day that summer.
Tea and home-baked lavender biscuits served
on the lawn after the ceremony.
Tree planting, singing, patio speeches,
laughter ringing out over the acres.
Barbecue supper - but slightly gourmet -
Waldorf salad and kohl rabi cole slaw.
Compostable cutlery, plates and napkins -
we tread lightly in love. (Even the cake
was organic carrot.) We were toasted
and quaffed sparkling elderflower cordial
made with blossom from Drumcliff Churchyard.
The ghost of W.B. benignly gazed, smiling
from his otherworld bean rows while we vowed
to companion each the other's greatness.
We do. And we did. And we still do day
after day the sun sets on our bless'd heads.

Copyright © 2019 Bee Smith. All rights reserved.

We Do!

Thawing Thursday

I was searching for Thursday quotations for inspiration, being in a bit a flap after sleeping a solid eleven hours. (Guess the rest schedule is still being imposed even if this is summer staycation time.) After yesterday’s flirtation with Mercury, I went researching Thor, he who gives his name to Throwback Thursday! Given the quotation I picked for the Poetry Daily it probably does qualify for the hashtage #ThrowbackThursday. Because I offer you words accompanied with images from winter! Amidst all the quotations referencing a cinematic and comic hero of the name, I came across these provocative words by one of my youthful heroes, the author of Civil Disobedience and On Walden Pond, Henry David Thoreau.

(Literary reference aside: the Isle of Innisfree, that is not twenty miles from where I live, is thought to have been inspired by Thoreau’s Walden Pond. Yeats imagined living there. Thoreau lived it. And it probably was not all that comfortable.)

Thaw Thor Thoreau

There are no hammers in the Poetry Daily today. But there is an homage to the Thoreau quotation and his philosophy of non-violent direct action. Which requires the patience of a spring thaw after a New England winter. And some year’s that can take up to six months of patience! At least according to reports from friends who live in Maine.

Spring thaw icicle

All these images of ice and references to thaw may seem counterintuitive for a post on the first of August. But then we are in the dog days of August, when staying hydrated is really important!