Spirited Sunday Quotation Poem

My niece posted a James Baldwin quote which was thought provoking. The Sunday mood tends towards the soulful if you have been brought up in any kind of church. Even when you are lapsed, Sundays tend to include that thoughtful time, the reflection over the past week or the one that lies ahead. The wider world is troubling. Often the wider world reflects the movements in the the micro-world. So here is a quotation poem to set you thinking. It is from the wise James Baldwin. There is, too, a sense of wanting to do better or be better. This quotation is more instructive on what not to do.

The way to be really despicable is to be contemptuous of other people’s pain.

James Baldwin
James Baldwin quotation poem

Spirited Sunday Poems

I offer you two little spirited poems this Sunday morning in the Poetry Daily. One I wrote yesterday after seeing an item about how fireflies are in danger of going extinct. Now, I realise that species are falling like dominoes leaving holes in the trophic cascade, but this one speaks of one of the innocent delights of my childhood. In late August as the nights drew in and bedtime was still a half hour away, I ran around our yard with a jelly jar trying to capture those phosporescing flies. They were magical. I would watch them glow as I fell asleep. Of course, they never survived the night. On one hand I know that those jam jar chases after them are a thing of the past,one more pastime that is relegated to history. On the other hand I know we must compassionately offer a species some future. But gosh, kids today are missing out on so much fun that was available freely in the outdoors in the childhoods of the 1950s.

goodnight fireflies
Goodnight Fireflies!

As I was waking I seemed to have the words purpose, intent and fingerprints rolling around like pingballs in my consciousness. I wanted to find a quotation that might start a five liner. Justine Willis Toms provides the quotation line that begins the poem that I hope offers a bit more uplift after the elegy for the firefly.

heart fingerprints purpose call
The call

I hope you have a Sunday that nurtures your soul and prepares you to answer the call to your Spirit’s purpose in the week to come.