Casting Intentions

I woke up late, after a rare unbroken night’s sleep, slightly anxious about the blank page. For the past twelve days I have had a theme to be my companion when I face the page. Today…I was on my own. And I had to remember my routines before the twelve days of Midwintertide. So I decided to do a bit of email housekeeping. There was a new comment for yesterday’s poem, which implied it had rain spell qualities, or at least it appealed to my reader’s California drought mentality. Then I scanned my 2019 horoscope by Chani Noble and this quote jumped out at me. Words are spells, cast them wisely.

Three must be the charm for the Poetry Daily.


Form and function in perfect fit
for bone knit

Form the story's happy ending

Dismantle the iron pilings
to let go

(Iron is the go to recipe
for leaving...

sometimes it is for attracting
with filings)

Form your words carefully, intent

Find your wit and your wisdom
let it be

in form forged for your function
spell's casting

Copyright © 2019 Bee Smith. All rights reserved.

The featured image is a meme doing the rounds on Facebook, provenance unknown. If anyone knows, please let me know. Love it!

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Thoughts and Prayers

I respect thoughtfulness. I respect prayer and I practice it often. But I admire most a phrase that I think I encountered in some Quaker literature – Love in Action. ¬†Which simply restates the adage ‘Walk Your Talk’- but with the addendum of walk in love. In a week where there have been a lot of thoughts flying around the interwebs, and most surely a lot of prayer, I have crafted a spell. And since auld Samuel Beckett said “all poems are prayers” this is my weekly poem. Which is also a heartfelt spell working. There have been too many Parklands, Pulses, Sandy Hooks. And may the little children lead us. They certainly are demonstrating a raw fearlessness in the face of tragedy. May they be surrounded with Love as they take action.
Thoughts and Prayers

Enough of thoughts

Enough of prayers

Enough of tears


Banish the fear
May Love disarm you


Enough of being bought

Enough of anger

Enough conspiracy jeers

Banish the fear
May Love disarm you


Enough of siege and SWAT

Enough of all coming to naught

Enough of the primacy of crackpot

Enough of the always all too sure shot


Banish the fear
May Love disarm you


Enough of cowering in closets

Enough of bandoliered bigots

Enough of ideology driven budgets

Enough of guts and gore as year-round climate


Banish your fear
May Love disarm you

Copyright 2018 Bee Smith

Featured image is a painting of Samuel Beckett by Barry Hodgson, owned by the author.