It’s An Other Thing

Really shifting gears with the theme of the Sunday Weekly Poem this week. Sometimes it is important to name what it is in the ether that is exhausting everyone. Because, have you noticed, that people do comment how exhausting life is these days? It’s just in the ether and on the air waves. So,without further ado, I shall just launch into the weekly poem and then let you go about your business and perhaps have a little cogitate.

An Other Thing
Your mentioning that
You’re not from around here,
that from the very sound of my tongue
you presume with your follow up,
Are you here on holiday?
Even though the items travelling down
the check-out conveyor belt
are the ordinary stuff you get on a weekly shop.
Your default setting is  narrow assumption.
I am in the line up for the mug shot and charged
She’s not one of us.
And othering is so exhausting.
Your mentioning about that one:
She’s too pale, too dark, too fat, too thin,
too flat, too curvy, too dumb, too smart.
It’s just about making someone else feel
It’s just a way of saying
You are not me! You are not mine.
And apart from it being boring
othering is so damn exhausting.
Your mentioning that:
I’m not comfortable
is a micro itch that’s getting
all fired up for a macro scratch
that can wind up into a major maul.
All because what you see
is not a mirror version of Me.
Yeah, othering gets so exhausting.
Your mentioning this stuff
makes it all about you and your envy.
Put downs don’t raise anyone up.
But I get that you’ve been raised
to think that life’s a big contest and
there’s only one who can Be Best!
Relax now, brother and sister, it’s not a test.
No one wants to rain down shame.
There’s room enough in this parade
for varieties of every shade.
But just saying:
Your insecurity is slipping.
And, by the way,
you’ve made it into
an othering thing
because someone else is
too much of the very thing
you’d like to be
and this othering is so very, very exhausting.
Copyright © 2020 Bee Smith. All rights reserved.

Featured image by Darius Bashar on Unsplash.