Sunflower Moon

Native Americans and First Nations Peoples give each full moon a descriptive name. It is what is supposed to be happening in the natural world during that lunation and the full moon spotlights it. Some call this the Barley Moon since that grain harvest coincides with the August full moon. Sturgeon Moon is appropriate for the Pacific Northwest, but here in my corner of Ireland Sunflower Moon is more appropriate. The prompt from #30DaysOfSummerWritingChallenge is ‘Lion’s Den’, but all the various solar associations came tumbling out. The astrological sign of Leo is ruled by the sun. So the zodiac’s Lion recalls all manner of potential subjects- royality, gold, drama , lion heart and Cowardly Lion. Since the full moon was only yesterday and is still bright, I decided that the Poetry Daily needed to celebrate the Sunflower Moon.

As a side note. this month has had loads of solar flares. Apparently, at least according to astrologer Pam Gregory, these can either knock you out or make you buzzy. I am on the knocked out end of the spectrum. But my dreams are more vivid than usual. So I kept the writing practice short and sweet this morning.

Sunflower Moon

The blackberries aren't ripe yet,
the bilberries nearly all gone.
This full moon the sunflowers stand erect,
even as the rain pounds down.
The meteor showers have shot past.
The solar flares wear me out.
The sunflowers still stand proud,
their spiral smiles encourage us
to be of stout heart.

Copyright © 2019 Bee Smith. All rights reserved.

Dark Moon

There will be a new moon tomorrow, which won’t arrive in my time zone until suppertime. We have been in the phase of the moon that astrologers call the balsamic phase. It is when the moon goes dark in the sky and it just so happens it was the phase of the moon when I was born. Astrologers ascribe this time as one ideal for rest and healing. Which has been the case for me this particular lunation. I cannot get enough sleep to beat the last vestiges of the bug that gripped me two weeks ago.

The sleep and dreams partially account for the later in the morning (coursing towards noontime) posting of the Poetry Daily today. The other reason was that another poem arrived first. It was clearly one meant for a friend and not for public consumption. The initial line is a quotation from Khalil Gibran.

dark moon


I’m a bit late to the lunar landing anniversary party, but the moon is a constant and recurring theme. I found several lovely quotations as potential first lines. I had the post nearly ready to publish when our internet cut out. And the Autosave froze and I lost the lot. Ah, Mercury Retrograde! Not only have you locked me out of my iPad but the blog platform has gone all neurotic!

There are things to do, so the Poetry Daily shall simply have to suffice as it stands. The quotation for the first line is from Sanober Khan.