Day 18 NaPoWriMo2017

Today’s poem prompt was to use neologisms, made up words like Lewis Carroll used in Jabberwocky. Well, I never much appreciated Jabberwocky anyway. The prospect of  making up compound words made me feel I was back in German class. Frankly, on less than one cup of tea it was a challenge too far. So, this is what I wrote instead.



If I could juju the world

I would give you all deep peace

of suffering survived –

that greening and leafing feeling

when the sap rises again

after leaf fall,

winter’s annual shut down,

the trees still as standing stones

all spine and spindle,

shorn like a convict’s bad haircut.

Well, we have all done

some time. But we are paroled –

a subtle pulse, birdsong,

the flutters of family making.


If I could juju the world

I would give you all the hope

each spring brings.  And then have you

not judge it false, foolhardy,

a sentimental sop,

yet another cruel mocking,

thwarting of you. Don’t take spring

quite so personally. The world

will go on in its suffering

with or without you. Just for this moment

look out your window. See

the luminous green in each new leaf.

That is food. Take it and eat.

Remember. And rise.