NaPoWriMo2019 Day 8

Today’s NaPoWrMo2019 has challenged us to use some sort of professional or business jargon and then run with the metaphor. I cannot say that this prompt is sparking much joy in me, but then I am feeling the weariness of a marathon runner at mile seventeen. I did dip into the resource pages suggested, but still felt uninspired. Nonetheless, I tell my kids that failure is part of the creative process. Things don’t always work, but the only real failure is not to try. Gotta walk the talk, teacher!

So I dipped into a past experience of working in a call centre. Our cubicles were called Pods. Which was company jargon. So…I’m trying…We also had to do some sort of personality test in the training. I was a dolphin. Apparently our modus operadi is to help people.

Pod Life

Others may school or herd,
but here, intelligent
animal life listens
from a 2x2 cubicle.

The point of these
conversations is to
reach cooperation
with the high risk funking
on the credit card company.

So let this nice dolphin
give you some peace of mind.
Because if you don't
very shortly
we will sell you out to sharks.

Here in Pod Land
we flip and leap and play
each day, smile on the phone
to get you to give more money
in call after call after call.

Copyright © 2019 Bee Smith. All rights reserved.

Featured Photo by darin ashby on Unsplash

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