Still recuperating and finding mornings are on go slow. I am cutting myself some slack. Sometimes I don’t want to do this poetry practice. Or feel that it is impossible. There cannot possibly be anything more to say. I am out of words. But then there is some thought that I think I might be able to something with…but I beg indulgence.And will spare you the ruminations I started with this morning…”what is poetry actually for?!” under the headline…Squeezing the Pips…of Poetry.

Instead, this came out of the real poetry practice.


Diving deep into the deck
let me just ask some questions
of You, God.
Ones somewhere between
bone to pick
and petition.
There's the two big ones.
And what do You know
about money?
I mean, really...
How much change jangles
in God's pockets?
That's like asking
what is the sound
of a single clapping hand...

Which leaves love...
Let's plumb the depths
with this flimsy paper
divining rod.
Why is it that The Lovers
is all about making
a choice?
Who would choose
not to be loved?

Once upon a time
Adam was a golem.
Even a golem, for Eden's sake,
wanted an Eve!
I guess God is the original
First, S/He
made a Lilith.
Adam's dissatisfaction
rose the question of
truth or destruction.

Creators create. It's like a law.
So Lilith flew away free and
then came Eve.
Same old, same old.
Adam, once again unsettled
by truth.
He got his Eve!
Yet even she hungered more
after truth
from the tree.

It's all about choice.
And truth.
Which sets us free.

Copyright © 2019 Bee Smith. All rights reserved.

Featured image is Major 6, The Lovers, from the Rider Waite tarot deck as seen on Wikipedia.