Seeking Geopark Poetry Map Submissions

Poetry Month is coming to a close, but there will be opportunities to share you poetry year round.. Currently, I am curating a project for Marble Arch Caves UNESCO Global Geopark where we will be mapping sites across the geopark poem by poem. This digital poetry map is being funded by the Geological Survey Ireland’s Geoheritage Fund. Poets will have their text on the poetry, as well as recited by professional actors so that there is both a visual and aural experience of the poem. ¬†Poets will also receive a payment for the reproduction rights to the chosen poems. Five established poets have been commissioned to create new work for the digital poetry map and a dozen new and emerging poets will have their work published alongside these writers. The commissioned poets will be officially announced on Poetry Day Ireland this 29th April.

So can you write a site specific poem that includes a geoheritage theme?

To get full details, as well as support material from the Geopark, email

The digital poetry map will go live on the MAC Geopark’s website this October 2021. Will one of your poems be highlighting one of these sites pictured above?

3 thoughts on “Seeking Geopark Poetry Map Submissions

  1. Hi Bee, just checking a few things with you. Closing date is May 31? Any particular length of poem preferable? Myth etc not advised, stick to more factual, descriptive style?

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