Have Yourself A Happy Covid Christmas

As my brother in Brooklyn emailed in response to the featured photo, “Nothing says Happy Holidays like hand sanitizer!” But I implore everyone to stay put and mingle with no more than a handful, outdoors, over the upcoming holidays. The post-Thanksgiving statistics coming from the USA are terrifying. I know this enforced staying apart from people can be hard, especially for the extroverts among us. But with more than 100,000 new cases PER DAY in the USA, with a projection of 200,000+ by Christmas, the hospitals simply cannot cope. The explosion of cases is, in part, due to the one million who travelled to visit family over the Thanksgiving holiday. According to data released by MSNBC journalist Rachel Maddow a couple days ago, the White House Covid Taskforce reckons that if you travelled over the Thanksgiving holiday then assume you have been infected and are infectious right now, whether you feel fine or not.

Here is the link on YouTube of Maddow’s Report. Watch right to the end. https://youtu.be/VlWoEBpfGj0

A cautionary tale for Europeans where Christmas is the big family celebration of the year.

I have been practicing writing sonnets recently, so this Tuesday’s Weekly Poem is a sonnet. And given the news it has a distinctly Covid19 Christmas theme.

Covid Christmas

Tell me what says Christmas cinematically
to you?  Maybe "It's a Wonderful Life?" Or
"Die Hard?" Perhaps you crave  "Love, Actually?"
"Home Alone?" Given we have had much more
than a cameo from He Who Shall Not Be Named,
who can take credit for our solitary,
Covid Christmas scenario....Hmmm. An enraged
Grinch stole it, along with many thousands of souls.

Empty chairs. Even some empty tables.
Masked, visored, in full battledress PPE,
our medics cannot stem the tide of truth. Fables
are the stuff of children's bedtime fairy tales.
Those cautioning you not to let the wolf loose
in the chicken coop. Or becoming one yourself.

Take you joy safely this holiday season. Make your happy where you can, but with very few. Stock up on you favourite films. Buy a silly Christmas mask to match you silly Santa hat. Remember that all those hospital staff valiantly trying to save the lives of those who became infected will not be spending the day with their families. They might be trying to save a member of your family.

Which is love in action, actually.

9 thoughts on “Have Yourself A Happy Covid Christmas

  1. Very good advice Barbara, I have been taking my advice direct from the US from mid February. Ireland has yet to see the devastation America has suffered so have unwisely concluded the (“oirish covid is a mild strain ) more fools them.. my Brother in law died from covid last night the zoom calls were not easy .. but no amount of deaths or cases will have any effect on the deniers ..

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    1. I am so sorry to learn of your loss. I have been very, very careful since spring. The deniers drive me mad…the more so when I learn of personal losses experienced by those I know.

      Christmas will be a hard one for your sister. The more so because she has probably been exposed to the virus and will need to grieve in quarantine.

      It is remarkable when mental gymnastics people will go through to rationalise their risky behaviour.


      1. Mental Gymnastics is correct , the funeral I attended today was exactly like that, some wearing no 😷 some wearing it beneath the nose, NO social distancing what’s so ever … if people can’t follow covid guidelines at the grave of a covid victim what are the chances of containing this virus? .. my estimation is zero .. I was fully masked goggled and gloved I stuck out like a sore thumb such is the level of self deception circulating in Ireland today…🙁


  2. You’re so right about extroverts having a harder time with social distancing. I’d add people without hobbies to that. Those of us who don’t mind hunkering down and have projects and ideas to keep us engaged find it so much easier. Hope you have a covid-less Christmas and can make merry in whatever ways make you happy.

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