A Bolt of Blue…

Not FROM the blue in this case. Day 4 of NaPoWriMo has asked us to take an image from a dream and weave it into today’s poem. We are asked to dive right down to the seabed of our subconscious and bring up an image from that seabed what might be a pearl, or maybe just only an oyster.I am not usually an adept dream catcher, but it so happens that I did have one dream in recent memory that had an arresting image. What was edifying with this exercise is that I teased out a deeper interpretation of the whole dream simply by excavating around this image.

A bolt of cloth
It found me, that bolt of blue,
very indigo, very Pantone 2020,
a very on trend hue, apparently.
But spangled with sequins!
More Shirley Bassey than our Bee…
From it will be the robe
of what I have become to be.
Even with all the glitter and sparkle
it says that I am trustworthy.
I am a woman for all seasons.
The raw material is in my hands.
There is sparkle in this bolt of blue.
I can make and shape and marshal
the forces that I can command.
It is now my second skin.
This bolt of cloth is my new mantle.
It confers a blessing and a sweetness.
With this cloth dyed in goddess Mary's hue
I accept that I can be, that I am,
now -  finally - my own high priestess.
Copyright © Bee Smith, 2020. All rights reserved.

To help you to visualise the blue I describe you can see the Pantone Colour of the Year 2020 below. The background to the colour of the year for 2020 can be found on this link. https://www.pantone.com/color-intelligence/color-of-the-year/color-of-the-year-2020.

Classic blue

How did they know that they should be illustrating the safe social distance of 2 metres in their promo pic? Huh!

Featured image is a Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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