The Minim

The trench warfare to reorganise our home goes on. It goes on drawer by drawer. My husband ordered a book that arrived in the post yesterday. It’s called The Minimalist House, written by Joshua Becker, who is an an evangelist for the more of less (which is also the title of another book he has written.) It promises strategies for emptying those drawers and pep talks to strengthen your resolve. This is no time for sentimentality. Each week there is yet another visit to the recycling centre and the charity shop and the clothing bank. Odd socks are being let go.

Every evening now I spend time working my way through the conundrums of keep, charity shop, waste, recycling centre. I canvas friends to see if some item might enhance their life, since it no longer has a place in mine. Because is there really any dedicated space left for that designated keeper? Day 363 of the Poem A Day marathon dawned and what occurred to me was that I needed a bit of word play. A bit more being in the midst of all this doing. One of the things we have kept is an etymological dictionary and I started looking at the first two syllables of minimalist.

Meanwhile, I feel as if I have had the homeopathic remedy for hording stuff that might, but never ever does, come in handy. We arrived in Ireland eighteen years ago with the equivalent of two panel vans of worldly goods. I have radically pared down before. It never gets easier. But once you achieve a certain age you develop a sense of responsibility not to leave too much mess for the ultimate person who will do the last house clearance, the one where you cannot be present.

The Minim

Reduce it to a single drop.
Its quintessence
reduces everything
to the fifth element - ether.

Which is good to put you to sleep.
It occupies
rarified space.
Everywhere. Invisible.

Like radio or wifi -waves
upper realms
in some new republic of air.

Just take your minim. Bottle it.
Unstop its cork
and watch it burn.
This is the smallest, least of things.

One single downstroke in half-time
sounds the half note.
The tone is dropped
with the old Roman coin you've earned.

Copyright © 2019 Bee Smith. All rights reserved

Featured image: Photo by @plqml | on Unsplash

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