Harvest Horn of Plenty

The prompt from 30 Days of Summer Writing Challenge today is ‘Harvest Moon.’ That actually would be a full moon and today, as I write, we have a new moon, a super new moon, at that opening the season of harvest, foraging and preserving. I love the word cornucopia. (Is anyone actually still weaving those wicker horns of plenty do you think? It must be a very niche market or an artisanal practice.) I am a keen cook and greedy, grateful eater of delicious food. It has been noted that I have a tendency to want to feed others. I try new things and am never afraid of a recipe failure. It’s just an adventure. I fall in and out of love with particular tastes and foods. After about twenty years of spurning the aubergine/eggplant I am again wanting to cook recipes not brought out for thirty years. I am an omnivore with strong vegetarian leanings and no known food allergies. One thing we do try to do is eat organic and we source the majority of our food from a variety of sources that supply organic produce and products. We also grow some of our own food and plan to grow more in raised beds that my husband built this year.


The hazels in the hedges along our lane,
the heritage apple trees we planted -
both their fruits still green. But give them sunshine
and, like the blackberries, they will ripen.
Just hold your breath. It's time. Hold out your arms.
Watch the elderberry heads nod and fall

right into the jelly pan, with sugar
and pectin. A cookery chemistry
laboratory for glut. Recipes
invented for one last zucchini.
Squash the blackberries for jam. Wrap apples
in newspaper for winter use. Squirrel
chutney to give as midwinter presents.

It's all a gift this full horn of plenty:
mushrooms, berries, nuts and fruit all for free
to forage, for picking and preserving,
filling larders, cupboards, hungry bellies.

Copyright © 2019 Bee Smith. All rights reserved
harvest horn of plenty
Three years ago, a glut of pumpkins came my way and ended up as delicious chutney.

Featured image Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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