In the Garden

Gardens are the theme for today’s 30 Days of Summer Writing Challenge prompt. Which is kind of appropriate since today is our wedding anniversary and I often refer to my husband as Gardener Cuckson. Certainly over the past three years he has developed a wonderful vision for our garden and has transformed it. We have an acre and a quarter and keep it wildish, which is much more environmentally sound. We are rewarded by the many wild bees, butterflies and dragonflies that stop by while we sit and take ‘tea on the terrace.’ Which sounds very grand. Imagine it as a much more rustic version. But with homemade cake on offer.

 In the Garden

Love's labour's never lost in the garden
with a spade and a fork, compost and blade,
Seeds that will fruit and seeds that will flower
into bumpers harvests to distribute.

In the garden, sweat and hard work are fun
(because amateurs never do get paid.)
Every gardener knows their blunders.
Humility wears big Wellington boots.

Even without a lot of sun the garden,
like a crayon box of a hundred shades,
broadcasts light's full spectrum, its augmenter
of dreams sleeping deep and digging in roots.

Those dreams are wild, to the hum of bees.
Like our home's garden, where we are trustees.

Copyright © 2019 Bee Smith. All rights reserved

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