Road Trip

The prompt from 30 days of Summer Writing Challenge today is ‘Road Trip.’ Which brought back fond memories of my most recent week long one to Scotland this past spring. The Road Trip began at the tail end of NaPoWritMo2019. To see the road tripper’s log in full, dial into the archive starting here: It seems appropriate to dedicate the Road Trip poem today to my fellow tripper, Morag. We were never Thelma and Louise, but we sure were good buddies on road and off.

 Road Trip
(For M.D.)

Journeys take you where they will. Like Ireland.
Or India. Or a man. Or even woman.

Ideally, these ought to come full circle,
with stops that can have glee and be peaceful.
We resurrect the passenger pigeon
before its decline and ultimate extinction.

Clamped in a moving metal box, we talk.
Not just about the moving scenery, the hawk
overhead, its omniscient eyes' view,
not just of what we know but what we have been through.

It's important to take unscheduled lefts.
Whimsy will not leave itinerary 's bereft
of edge. Or serendipity. Spellbound
by surroundings, this being lost is being found.

Copyright © 2019 Bee Smith. All rights reserved

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