Summer of Love

Today’s prompt on #30DaysOfSummerWritingChallenge is all about summer loving, or a summer of love, holiday romance. Summer does seem to make us turn to thoughts of … And it’s not all sun and sand in the mix. It’s true I did fall in love with the one I (still) love in summertime. So memory lane is coming to my rescue in the Poetry Daily again. But then, the Celts thought that poetry was all memory.

First Summer of Love

He set out on a Magic Bus
bound for his best mate's first wedding
in Nice. In London, I got sick.
Feverish. Lost my voice. Languished.
Thought he might be lost forever.

He came back on a Magic Bus
brandishing a bunch of sunflowers
(artificial) bought in the Med
where all the bodies beautiful
lay out, topless, on their sun beds.

But he thought of me
and I had missed him
equally. We both
got on a Magic Bus
we drove together
for all seasons, and
every weather.

Copyright © 2019 Bee Smith. All rights reserved.

Featured Photo by David Preston on Unsplash

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