The Republic of Crochet

The prompt for day 12 of #30DaysOfSummerWritingChallenge is ‘Cruel Summer.’ I did write a tanka(ish) five liner on the theme. But what really was itching to flow from my pen came when the phrase “the Republic of Crochet” popped into my head. Our niece has been here over the weekend pet sitting. But we have also had conversations about a community art project she is envisioning that would use crochet as its medium.

The Republic of Crochet
For Hannah Daisy

Flowerchild conceived long after
The Summer of Love,
your flower power
blankets us with 'Chain Stitch One,
Chain Two, Chain Three'. It links us all,
but softly, in wool.

Everyone loves a flower.
Who can resist them?
Petal confetti love bombs us
in crochet. Single
stitches mend us one at a time -
the lonely, the odd, the angry
for lack of some love -
with a flower, or a blanket,
some soft wooly love.

Copyright © 2019 Bee Smith. All rights reserved.

Featured image Photo by Shreena Bindra on Unsplash

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