Getting Lost

Some of the best adventures come with the random left turn. I doubt we would be living where we are today but for late morning hunger and a random left turn at a roundabout. We were heading towards a specific direction, but the detour proved be the ultimate destination. The side track became our main road. In getting lost, in risking a left turn into the unknown, we may find so much of value. Today the Poetry Daily dives into the wisdom of some quotations from Rebecca Solnit’s A Field Guide to Getting Lost.

Getting lost can be enormously healing in a creative life. Living with mystery and uncertainty, as Solnit would put it, can be so illuminating. Also transforming. And magical. You see things you have never seen before and never will again. Learning to relax into getting lost is possibly the best remedy for anxiety. It can lead to all sorts of breakthroughs.

This Friday I lure you into a weekend adventure where you can get lost…and also find something you will treasure. Getting Lost is another kind of re-wilding.

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