The Nature of Truth

Just when I think it’s time to change things up with the Poetry Daily and NOT do a quotation poem, a stray tweet reported in a newscast comes along and it so beguiles, despite the charmlessness of its author, that I just had to see where it would take me .Given the environmental policies that have emitted like CO2 from certain departments, it’s a strange statement to be made from someone who I reckon has spent little time in nature at all.

That statement jostled in my mind with a Bible verse from John 8:32 “and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” I am not a great Bible scholar, but along with “Jesus wept” it’s a favourite. I certainly hope truth can save the US Constitution from the paper shredding its been having the past two years. It’s not a perfect document, hence the need for amendments over the span of two centuries. It was written by imperfect mortals. But its aspirations are laudable.

Nature teaches us of the eternal cycle of creation and destruction. So, too, does truth. It smashes illusion and delusion. But it also sets us free to create, redeem, and save what can be saved.

the nature of truth


One thought on “The Nature of Truth

  1. Love this poem and it’s theme, “Truth is a force of nature”. I have been reflecting on the phrase absolutely true, which some people use when they are making a claim that is usually anything but true! We all have our own truths it seems, we choose what we want to believe, to accept as valid. The flow of misinformation and disinformation in today’s world should make us question everything.

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