We Are the Makers

The beauty of short poem forms is that they fit nicely on a social media graphic. A FBF posted part of an Arthur O’Shaunessy poem yesterday, which gave me the quotation to play with.(Thank you, Amy Bogard, for the inspiration for today’s Poetry Daily. And if readers would like to learn more about this gifted artist, please visit her on http://www.amybogard.com).

While painting and drawing are not in my repertoire of artistic gifts, I do enjoy playing with visuals. Eventually, I would like to collage a Bee’s Word Garden (hat tip to my artist college roomie, Terri Slack Hardwicke for that project title!)

But, to get on with the Poetry Daily! You have the quotation from Arthur O’Shaunessy in the first line. The image comes from an exhibition that took lines from poems in a University of Leeds project from 2017. My creative colleague, Helen Shay, and I carried out a poetry conversation in the Leads to Leeds project curated by Helen Mort. Oli Bentley,in turn, created a steel beam typeface and then took quotations and created an exhibition using lines from our poetry.

movers and shakers, makers
We are the makers of the world

Artists collaborate. We pollinate each other like bees to create and create and create. People who make art – whether with words or visuals- have a reputation as solitary, often suffering, souls. We do spend a lot of alone time. But rarely are we working in isolation.

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