What Poet’s Dream

Bibliomancy. I mentioned it in yesterday’s post where I dipped into my Oxford Dictionary of Quotations to springboard the Poetry Daily. This morning I woke later than usual, muzzy and headachey. Basicly, taking into consideration hayfever, midges and being averse to heat and direct sunshine, I have a body that is not built for summer weather. I woke a bit dreamy, too, but that is fodder for another blog site.

Sometimes the synchronicity thing is super smart. I literally just opened the dictionary and stuck my finger at random and the plum I picked out was an Anne Sexton one. Given my semi-conscious,half-dreamy state, it could not have been more apt. Yet another poet pulled out of the book, this time completely and blindly random a pick. Sexton was a favourite poet of mine in my early twenties. I still own most of the original 1970s editions of her poetry collections

What Will You Dream?

"In a dream you are never eighty."
You revisit locations from twenty years back.
You want to cross swift water without a bridge and turn back.
Just try to dam the course of dream rivers!
What will you dream at eighty? Synecdoche?

Copyright © 2019 Bee Smith. All rights reserved.

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