Mind Map a Poem

One of the creative writing fundamentals that I was reminded of in Ange Peita’s workshop at Willowbrook last weekend was how a mind map can help you form a poem. I have to admit that I am a bit resistant to mind maps, especially in corporate or workplace settings. Perhaps I am just too linear in that situation. Give me a ‘to do’ list and let’s get on with it! But actually, mind mapping is a useful tool for creative work. So I am a convert. The Poetry Daily today is the product of a mind map. And a cup of tea. And a glance at last week’s cover of the Guardian Review section. I grabbed a word from its cover’s headline and started to make the spokes of a wheel with other words radiating from it. Which is what a lot of mind maps look like.

I proclaimed to my husband over tea that today is a ‘vacation’ day. It was not a word that appeared in the mind map. But it was a byproduct of the poem. I declared that we are vacating all shoulds, coulds, or woulds. Just for today. We are resting. Which is a difficult concept for an alleged retiree to grok. For all of five seconds. And then he rolled over.

In more ways then one I have mind mapped the day, as well as the Poetry Daily.


There's been a rift
in the time space continuum.
And I am out of time
in oh so many ways!
What day is it anyway?

I've been pitched into a raft
left to drift,
aimless as a lonesome cloud.
The tide's out. I am gently bobbing,
rocking in an inflatable cradle.

Into a time when
it endlessly stretched
and meaning was in its genesis.
But it came slowly
from a distance.

Copyright © 2019 Bee Smith. All rights reserved.

Featured image Photo by Lê Tân on Unsplash

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