Solstice Celebrations

Today is the 102nd anniversary of my mother’s birth. My father’s anniversary was six months ago shortly before the winter solstice. My parents were the born almost exactly opposite one another, within a day of the summer and winter solstices. My mother’s father was born on the 20th of June and I have a nephew who also falls witin the orb of winter solstice. And, as an aside, my husband was born within the hour of the vernal equinox. These earth movements around the sun are strongly connected with family celebrations for me. It is not just a solar return to their birthday. It is the sun stationing at a point where season’s turn. It not just midsummer festivities because school is out for the summer and Yuletide jollies. So my poetry practice inevitably turned to memories of my parents this morning, in particular my mother.

Father Mother Sun

Child of day of longest night
Child of night of longest light

I am their beloved child.
I feel a wild thrill,
the long and short
of their extremity
I see the extravagent midsummer green
I see the bare bark of bleak midwinter's scene

There were contrasts:
her blonde head
the sun at full light
his dark-haired one
kissing each other into kin
creating a world that held
in each other
a balance

I am a child that is from
a child of day of longest night
a child of night of longest light

Copyright © 2019 Bee Smith. All rights reserved.
honeymoon photo
It seems fitting to share a picture of my parents on their honeymoon just past the full Honey Moon. They both look like they have just won the Lotto.

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