Blue Sky Thoughts

I am back to normal (mostly). I am still (always) the handmaiden of our family cats. The turbo-boost got a lot of housecleaning that really was necessary done, some laundry, ironing and even a little mending! My back didn’t seize up or my knees over complain. So, good job, Bee! But I am glad to be back drinking my tea and staring out the window waiting for the subject for poetry practice to arrive. One cup of Earl Grey down. There is still housework to do and a creative writing workshop to deliver. But its good to not be some android version of myself switched on to overdrive.

Blue Sky Thoughts

Let me sip your azure,
imbibe blue sky
thoughts salted with sunshine.
Let's race with cumulus
clouds, those unsung
'Peek -a boo', 'You hoo!' ones.
Duck! Disappear
in the fluffy slip stream
of the purring rumble
of a passing jet plane.

The tease of grasping after
air... it zips out,
through your fingers.
Never here. There!
The virgin heroine.
Untouched goddess.
So distant, yet
constantly in your eye.

Copyright © 2019 Bee Smith. All rights reserved.

constantly in your eye.

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