It is probably down to David Attenborough and the BBC wildlife documentaries he produced. I was chatting on the Local Link bus on Saturday to an elderly lady. (Who am I kidding; I am eligible for the free bus pass in three years!) Any road, she’s a fan and she shared little titbits of animal behaviour that had caught her fancy. The examples surely made animals relatable and more like us humans (or the reverse). Which pretty much defines zoomorphism. 

I am having a slow morning. The weather has changed. I woke with a “logey” head, a low grade headache that makes me feel very draggy. It has taken two cups of Earl Grey to get the poetry engine to start. And on days like today, I find senryu comforting. So – a series of zoomorphic senryu for poetry practice this morning. Senryu is like haiku, in that is only seventeen syllables. It explores behaviour- usually human foibles – whereas haiku concentrates on the cosmic quality of nature.

Unbroken chain

Signals danger’s alert

Badgers asleep 

Holding paws

Barren Aunt Meercat

Gets to be nursery maid

Nature’s stop gap.

Penguins are not shy

They let themselves

Love and mate as they like

Poor Peg!

The mourning grace

The loss of lifetime mate

Solitary swan

Sleep, eat, watch, wait

The patience of an old dog

Stalwart company

Feral feline

So decisive of desire

Unflinching focus

Copyright 2019 Bee Smith

Featured photo is of the wild cat who eventually came in from the cold and onto my lap.

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