Poem Tricubed

Midweek. Humpday. My last in a long series of story making  Cruinniú na nÓg (Creativity for Kids) workshops today with the nine of the  most creative kids in a tiny upland school in West Cavan. Working with them has been wholly a pleasure. With sixteen classroom hours, I have had the leisure to get to know them pretty well and have grown fond of them and their school. Each time I visit one will ask if I wrote a poem today, or its title, or what its about. Not all of these kids are naturally fluent writers. Some prefer maths. One is only nine years old. Some have admitted the brief was a bit hard. But I will say this. Whether any becomes an artist or writer is irrelevent. All are incredibly creative. They have proved that over and over.  Even when its has been hard and they felt it didn’t work every single one kept trying. They did the research. They got excited. They got down to the page. 

Can’t let the kids down. Got to face the blank page. I turned to a new short poem form I’ve never tried before called the tricube. Each line has three syllables. Each stanza has three lines. There are three stanzas. Yet another new poetry form to experiment with in poetry practice today.

3 x 3 x 3

Paper thin 


From the sea

How brittle

Are the shells

That we shed

What life led

Now without

So exposed?

Copyright 2019 Bee Smith

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