Falling Star

Hafiz of Persia is still working its way through my consciousness. So bear with me as I explore in more open form in poetry practice today. I know very little of astrophysics, so may be completely wrong. In which case, I am sure someone in the webverse will have me stand corrected. But still, you need to allow poets some elasticity! You may want to check out yesterday’s sonnet to follow this train of thought, or creative process. If that kind of stuff interests you. 

Falling Star

The final glimmering

of  dying star

can only be seen

as it falls, falls, falls.

It’s long gone –

what, light years,

 millenia ago?

What we see with naked eye

is only corpus delicti

of star long past

its last twinkle.


in our time and space

it does continue.

Does all of creation,

sentient or not,

crave some new


Is this body made

of 80% water

and 20% dust

of fallen star?

Copyright 2019 Bee Smith

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