Sonnet on a Body of Light

For years I thought I could not write a sonnet. Yet since starting the Poetry Daily practice last September I have written a handful. The longer I keep at the poetry practice the more flexible I become with strict form and open poetry.  So after contemplating the fragment of a Hafiz poem and a Rumi quote, a sonnet emerged from my morning meditation this sunny Friday. 

Here are the “sparks”

The astonishing light of your being….- Hafiz of Persia


Your body is woven from the Light of Heaven. – Rumi

Some Queries on a Body of Light

Is it breath that gives us life? Or is it

an electric current running through veins

invisible to all pathologists?

Do the stars dance or reside in membranes?

Light has its own speed, both tricky and fleet.

It casts shadow – is mellow at moontime,

But at high summer noontime can beat,

boil, scald and fry. It will fall and then climb,

fickle as weather in April’s caprice.

So is this being inside mortal form

some call the soul the animating piece,

the fire in our blood, keeping us warm?

When a body’s broken, pained, old and warn

does light go back to source? Is that heaven?

Copyright 2019 Bee Smith. All rights reserved.

Featured image is digital art by Neville Dsouza found on Pinterest.

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