Day 29 NaPoWriMo- Road Trip Day 1

Something meditative and tranquil they want for the penultimate poem of NaPoWriMo2019. Also Day 1 of my Road Trip in the Highlands of Scotland.


At the beginning

a seagull wheeled in from the Clyde.

All the way up and across , a rib

of  blue reflecting cloudless sky

in Highland waters –

Loch Lomand on our right,

Loch Ochy on our left,

Loch Ness on the right,

Kinlochleven on the left.

Bridges crossed.

Lochs  and locks

on the Caledonian Canal.

Bridges crossed

at the Moray Firth,

at the Donach Firth

until finally rusted iron rails

ran beside the North Sea

looking all


tropical turquoise

the gorse on the hills

sending its Malibu cocktail scent

through the car’s air vents,

its acid yellow following all the way

from Strathclyde,

through Loch Lomond and the Trossachs,

Argyll and Bute,


Ross and Cromarty,

into Sutherland.

The blue and yellow passage,

seagull call,

the raven beside the road in Glencoe,

the crows scavenging seed

in the downy dales of Easter Ross.

From west to east.


Copyright 2019 Bee Smith 

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