Look Out

Perhaps it is because I have young people much in mind that my Poetry Daily writing mind turns to youth and their future. Yesterday, I began what will be a whole Springtime’s co-creation of story with a number of 10-12 year olds from Curravagh National School. This is part of the Cruinniú na nÓG Creativity for Children program being run by Cavan Monaghan ETB. Then again, I am giving lunch today to an over 35 year old that I first met when he was about their age. I am old enough now to see both the beginning and the middle of some stories, as well as witness the endings of others. That is the privelege of age.

The feature photo today is one I took of a youngster in our party, the son of one of the Geopark guides standing in the window of the dining room of Belvedere House on Saturday. These past twenty years we have known peace in our border counties. I pray that Brexit does not spoil their young adulthood and lives, the way the Troubles stained so many in the previous thirty years.

Look Out

Offer yourself to the world
beyond this glass.

Crayon yourself outside the lines
of boys' dreaming

Girls, do not be confined to
polishing glass,
just looking.

No, offer all of yourselves.
Re-wild your dreams.
See the toads

in the garden someone made.
That was their toil.
Plant your own.

Copyright © 2019 Bee Smith. All rights reserved.

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