Black Out or Erasure

Some days writing is more difficult than others. The blank page collects doodles of half-formed ideas. It begins to look like a list. I saw a red squirrel yeterday when I took a walk during a rare dry interval. I googled squirrel as spirit animal.  The suggestion to avoid multi-tasking felt wise. The point about manifesting what is needed felt like a sneer. The exhortation to lighten up and play sent me straight off on another Google chase.

Which led me to a Writer’s Digest list of 86 poetry forms. The write up on Erasure or Blackout poems seemed kind of playful. So I dove into the paper recycling and hauled out some magazines. I only had a blue marker to black out text. I did a very random pick and fished out the March 9th issue of Feast, the cookery section of th weekend Guardian.

This is how it looked at the end my blacking out session.

Kitchen Aide

My  friend insists

The fruit and veg oracle


The worst…

Think about spuds

Chips to roasties

Green leaves

Lettuce to spinach

An almighty shock

For obvious reasons

Perks up

And… Erasures  from Waste Not…


An instrument that measures


In a sealed container

Bring all the time

And minutes

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