Big Bang

” Let the mind off its leash.” I wrote that at the top of my notebook just to give me a little Monday jump start. Then this morning I read a poem by A. R. Ammons called Continuing. Which filled me with utter awe. That man really does know how to do wild mind! I found him in the anthology “The Poetry of Impermanence,Mindfulness and Joy.” (ed. John Brehm, Wisdom Publications.) Ammons really does know how to let him mind off the leash. His career was a confluence of science and literature in a life that began in rural North Carolina. I feel like someone just threw me a poetry stick at me and said “Go Fetch!”

Anyway, to the keyboard. I have unpoetic missions to fulfill today. But first a little limbering up, letting my mind be a little looser. I was never a natural maths and science student. So reviewing the definition of prime numbers was pretty wild for a Monday morning. And all of this because the cats are cooped up and feeling cranky.


The divisible formula:
sometimes it takes only one,
on the other hand, some
mystical prime -
one and itself -
to break it all down,
form a crowbar
to lever the whole
leaving pieces.

Oh, maybe it is how the stars align
some days when an angry planet
slings an Attitude toward
some other neck of the cosmos
where they collide -
say it smacks the moon's ass -
or a drive by dying star
frazzles a black hole's edges.
Maybe that's the whole point
of the Big Bang.

It was not to divide to rule,
but to divide and create.
Done in a massive fit
of cosmic irritability.

Copyright © 2019 Bee Smith. All rights reserved.

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