Cailleach Conditions

Poetry practice is a bit hurried (and slightly harried) this morning. I have a workshop this morning and need to get out early and set up the space for the poetry reading and storytelling. Meanwhile, overnight, we have had a generous dollop of snow. Just a couple of inches. But that means extra time clearing off the car, warming the engine…stuff that people in Chicago and Philadelphia do as winter time second nature. But it is rare here in Ireland. Except at this time of year, when the Cailleach really does like to bare her winter teeth. But it is a bit freaky in a land without snow tyres. Because who would have them when you only need them for one morning a year?!

Cailleach Conditions

We are both old(er) girls now,
Ellie the dog and I, and we treasure
our bladders. So we see a lot
of morning dark. But even in today's
peach slice of crescent moon,
it's frail light, the snow overnight
is reflecting just enough
illumination. There is no cloud.
Venus is up there all twinkly bright.
So is Jupiter and that little moon.
It is just Ellie, Aphrodite and Zeus
and me here
with the Cailleach's cold
standing in the porch doorway
with rapidly cooling cup of tea.
I softly call Ellie to come back in
out from the snow. Not to linger.
Now we are both old(er)
there is this fascination with
darkness, cold,
the company of starry gods.

Copyright © 2019 Bee Smith. All rights reserved.

Featured image Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

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