Showering Heads

Some mornings you feel like the White Rabbit who is late, late, late! And it felt very strange to be getting to poetry practice when the day was already spinning away from me. When I faced the page, or looked out my window all I saw rain, rain, rain. Which reminded me that in snowy New England, a fellow blogger in New Hampshire and a friend in Maine, had mentioned they were experiencing rain on top of their snow. But I did not want to write about rain. In Ireland we are a bit Eskimo, or Inuit, in our language about rain, like they are with snow. But I just couldn’t get my head around it today.

So, I have other inspiration tricks. One is to pull a tarot card. In some write ups about Joanna Colbert Powell’s Gaian Tarot it is described as the writer’s tarot. So I was sold! Also, I liked that the elements were suits instead of the swords, cups, pentacles and wands, which really do not speak to me. So this was the one that dropped out of the pack when I called for inspiration.

Which is the equivalent of Queen of Cups in traditional tarot

Water, water, every where and not a drop of inspiration!


My husband’s eldest sister introduced me to one of those turns of phrase in Northern Ireland that are wonderfully regional and uniquely descriptive. The phrase is “Shower my head.” Which comes out sounding more like “Shar me hay-ed.” And it has nothing to do with shower heads or plumbing.

Showering Heads

Sometimes you just have to rinse away
all that fire in you head
the kind that was not kindled
in Yeats' epiphanous hazel hedge.

No, its the kind of fire that
incites the mob of villagers,
to come after you brandishing torches,
baying for your  bursting blood vessels.

Those vassals want your head
for their king's platter or maybe
display it on a pikestaff to warn.
Heads can be troubling things.

You see what I mean?
Sometimes you just need
to go shower your head
once its been doused in gasoline

and you are holding a lighter
in your hand getting ready to flick the catch.
That's when you need to go take a walk
to the waterfall down the glen.

Or even better take all that
internal inferno
to the beach and shower it
in salty ozone.

Yes, heads can be such troubling things.
Showering is good for quelling its uprisings.

Copyright © 2019 Bee Smith. All rights reserved.

Featured Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

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