No Hero

Once the call to adventure comes, Joseph Campbell writes that the next stage of the Hero’s Journey,it is not uncommon to refuse the call. Who am I to be a hero after all? Right?

No Hero

Who am I to be a hero?
After all
it was only a call...

Red pill? Blue pill?
No pill.
No. Thank you.

I want to go back to sleep...


This is too hard.
I didn't know.
I can't spell.
I am not
(fill in the blank space)
It hurts.
Other people say...
It's okay to say no
after you have said yes.

this is a differant risk.
It is not your body
or your mind.
It's your soul
that's been grabbed.

Love. Be loved.

The most courageous acts
face fear.
Fears - plural -

Sit them on your knee.
Speak to them kindly.

Do not go back to sleep!

As Rumi knew way back in the day.
For it is likely to be full
of the bad old dreams.

Copyright © 2019 Bee Smith. All rights reserved.

Featured image  
Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

One thought on “No Hero

  1. Once again, beautifully said Bee, and so very true. One can not un know- what one now knows. And as much as one tries or wants to ignore it- or as you say, go back to sleep- one cant. One may try a thousand different ways to distract, but in the end the only way to have peace, for the self and soul is to go forward. ❤

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