Omen Days 6

I woke this morning thinking of the Word of the Year. This is an inspirational or motivational word that you adopt for the upcoming year. I’d not considered any, but it certainly was on the edge of my consciousness enough to make me want to scurry to the etymological dictionary once I had a cup of tea.

Word of the Year is less onerous than a New Year’s resolution, more flexible and less likely to break. But I will say this for it; it can keep you on point. For instance, last year I adopted Focus as my Word of the Year. It really did help keep me at things when I faltered. I even found an essential oil for a burner to pep me up when I was feeling overwhelmed.

So there was a word in my mind as I semi-snoozed in the ambrosial hours that, upon rising and partaking of tea, sent me to our etymological dictionary. The quote is from a Marianne Moore poem.

Word of the Year


Noun, verb, adjective
A list
What we hold
In a ship's body
In one's hands
In heart of hearts
The demonstable
The undeniable
even as it shifts shape
word made flesh
"Real toads in
imaginary gardens"

Copyright © 2018 Bee Smith

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