Winter Solstice

winter solstice moon

Winter Solstice arrived at bedtime last night. But at suppertime I moved the Sunwheel wreath to the dining table and lit the central candle. We had poppy seed cake for dessert, a favourite of my guests, but also to mark the 102nd birthday of my Dad, long though he has lived with the ancestors. Our celebrations are officially started.

I am writing the Poetry Daily before the first glimmerings of daylight. Solstices are liminal times and it felt right to go to my doorway first thing (well, after feeding the cats and brewing my cup of tea) and welcome Winter. ‘Tis the season to be cordial, after all. We have a very plump, almost full moon this year for winter solstice, too!

Winter Solstice

I woke. Bid winter welcome
in the darkness
before the returning
of the day's light.

Venus was large and bright
breaching the dark,
turning sky indigo
with Her own light.

I stood in the doorway
in the starry
almost day. Even at the
darkest times, look!
The full moon and Venus
offer us light.

Copyright © 2018 Bee Smith

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