seven poem

It took me a while to get the poetry engine started this morning. I had to doodle around some ideas. From my window I noticed the magpies that visit our suet feeder. They always remind me of the English rhyme. I am constantly curious about the seven magpies’ secret.  Which led me on a train of thought to experiment with sevens. After all, I have tried octets and elevenies. Why not a sevenie? Also, there are so many seven themes – deadly sins, virtues, heavens.

Today’s Poetry Daily is all about experiementation and you need to break a few eggs when you are baking a cake. You also have to be willing to make a mess and maybe have the recipe fail. I have started with seven words, or seven syllables or the word seven and seven kinds of things.

Seven I

Seven sins not to be told
The body  of secret
Occult formula
What is hidden

Seven II

Behold the mystical spheres of seventh heaven!
When ancient human's world was geocentric
the seven planets could be seen
with the naked eye -
the astronomical meaning
of paradisial

Seven Veils for Seven Sins and Virtues

The vain might think seven veils
are insurance of chastity,
but the proud never see the picture
in the mirror.
Only temperance precludes gluttony.
It's true -
giving is better than envy
and generosity is the antidote of greed.
Applying diligence in your work they do advise
could counteract the musk of lust.
Both can be addictive, though surely
what is illness  cannot be intepreted
as intemperance. Likewise, I have sometimes
thought patience can look a lot like sloth.
It all depends upon your frame of mind.
I suppose that means we are down to the final veil
in this waltz of sin and virtue. When even
modesty is deprived her pants, standing there
trembling with her wrath for all to see.
That just leaves us with kindness
to have the final bow and say -
to allay and deflect when all is in disarray.

Copyright © 2018 Bee Smith

Today’s featured image is Photo by Haley Hamilton on Unsplash

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