December Double

December poetry daily

I was barely awake and already wondering what would be the subject for my Poetry Daily. It’s a new month. It’s the last month of the year. I also was wondering what poetry form I could try that I’ve previously not used for my daily poetry practice. I decided to grab one of the first on the list – acrostic.

This was what finally emerged. It is actually a double acrostic. December is panto season in the British Isles. Americans may have a tradition of visiting the theatre to see the Nutcracker Suite, but pantomimes are a huge  part of the Christmas season on this side of the Atlantic – the principal boy that is played by a girl in tights, the Ugly Sisters that are men in drag, the fractured fairy tales, the bits of social satire for the grown ups – are warp and weft in the Christmas time cultural fabric.

But then I decided to give you a double helping of December. Since it is, after all, the season for giving.

Declining light and year’s swift descent
Each year life’s pantomimes’ take their bows, reach
Climax, accept applause and celebrations’ close.
Endings can be like Cinders raking ashes from the Aga,
Making canapes for the wicked stepsister’s ball. Or not.
Before new beginnings, we count what’s lost.  Remember.
Embrace it all – pumpkin coach load of dreams, the slipper lost.  For love
Rules. It pips looking behind you, the bad jokes, our feeble charades.
Copyright © Bee Smith 2018

Ding-ding-a ling, hear sleigh bells ring!
Every child worldwide living in hope of Santa’s ride.
Carols we shall be singing.Chorales are rehearsing.
Every person bustling, making plans and hustling.
Making merry when the weather outside is blustery.
Bringing fairylight cheer in to cast out winter’s drear.
Every soul swept up in the spirit. Making menus for the banquet.
Ring out the year. Resolve to volunteer. Let love cast out your fear.

Copyright © Bee Smith 2018

My personal resolution is not to go as mad as the March hare by month’s end.

Featured Photo by Zoya Konstantinova on Unsplash

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