Cat’s Paw

cats paw

In truth it was a dream that had me going down a rabbit hole following references to symbols and meanings. I won’t bore you with details. Only those who truly love you are interested enough to listen to the the odd content of one’s night time dream life.  Suffice to say, that it provided fodder for this morning’s dawn poetry practice.  What I will add is that I was surprised to awaken and feel the heft of a cat sleeping in my lap. The surprise was that it was the Daddy’s Girl cat and not the Mummy’s Boy cat snuggling up. What have I done to deserve that honour and acclaim?

Cat’s Paw

The path ahead may have dangers,
but a black cat wears camouflage.
A cat is a walking night scope,
golden eyes a beacon in the night.
CV reads:

·        elegant grace of night time burglar

·        schooled in dark arts of sabotage

·        willing to push the envelope

·        handy enough in a fistfight
All skills for outweighing danger
and headhunted for espionage.
A cat’s paw is someone else’s hope
who hasn’t got the moxy or might.
Every cat has its nine lives -
facing anything  will survive.
Copyright © Bee Smith 2018
cat poem
Daddy’s Girl Cat has a name – Sparkle – by the way

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