Being Beautiful

There are actually two writers in the household. Today’s prompt came a bit at a slant. I had this idea earlier this year to create a calendar of photos and some quotes from my husband Tony Cuckson’s book Being Beautiful: Learning to Treasure the REAL YOU. With one thing and another, including my laptop becoming a bit poorly, that project was shelved as a Christmas present idea. But the chapter headings did spark the poem. The book advocates certain practices.  I wonder if you will be able to identify them all? And yes, there are twelve. Happy hunting through the poem’s text!

Being Beautiful


Being Beautiful is truly an art.

Like all art, it requires some practice.

Breathe it. In. Out. Deep into your belly.

Listen how it vibrates across your skin.

For that, it helps to learn how to sit still.

Not a virtue these days, more act of will.

Unlike breathing. But attentive hearing

is a skill. Be gentle practitioners.

Do not fall into depths of ‘Bad’ or puff

yourself up to heights of ‘Goodness’.  However,

thence forward, practice this relaxation

towards others. (We all have a mean streak.

A tendency to hair-trigger justice.)

Let it go! Take your guidance from your soul

to present your intention and to put

purpose patiently into daily practice.

That requires focus, which burns like a flame,

infusing all your body, molecule

by molecule, a helixing Dervish

dancing with a faith in the ultimate

wisdom of surrender to whatever

you discover is divine. Empty out

all notions, but sit ready to receive

a great gift. Breath. Listen. Focus.

Now this is the magical paradox.

The emptiest vessel is full all the way

to overflow. It is the wedding at

Cana, a Celt’s Cauldron Aplenty,

a cornucopia spilling surplus.

Everyone knows such a story. We do!

In all ages and places we know such grace.

Before blinding Beauty, we take a knee.

We kiss the earth and taste its salty base.

If there are tears, they are of happiness,

the joy of thanks, putting grateful into

greatness once again, giving itself for

all received, this Being, this Beautiful.

Being Beautiful is truly an art.

Copyright© Bee Smith 2018

Being Beautiful

You can buy the book here: Being Beautiful

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