The Woo

Okay, I realise that I need to explain the title. You know when you have odd, random experiences, that are not necessarily readily explained by the physical laws of the universe? They feel laden with portent, but not in a meaningful coincidence kind of way. That’s WooWoo. Or for short, The Woo. It can feel a bit spooky or actually leave you feeling a tad spooked. So with Halloween not a week away, I thought I would poetry journal today’s random weird experiences. (No! Don’t judge them weird! They are just woowoo!) They tend to come in threes (like clichéd buses), so I promise I will report back if there is a further instance of The Woo. And if I ever figure out what I am supposed to be looking at, or figuring out. Still at the head scratching stage in this household.

‘Tis the season for the veil between the worlds to be mesh thin. It is definitely permeable. And out where I live this feels like Planet Normal.

In the interests of full disclosure I will confess that I was the child who was declared to have worryingly fey tendencies. Or putting a positive spin on it – was imaginative.

The Woo


Setting off the smoke alarm

at 1:50 AM-

but no smoke, no fire,

new batteries in just this week,

everything switched off,

(including the alarm doing it for itself!)

not before waking the whole house up…


Then this morning the pebble dashed itself

against the windscreen

on smooth highway

with no oncoming traffic

to kick up any loose chippings…


So you definitely have got our attention now

(Whoever you are) playing at being the Great Oz

speaking from behind the curtain

only without using words.

Will a winged monkey swoop in next?

Does my poppy seed cake have an opioid kick?


You riddle and simile it.

Jeese Louise! What is the metaphor for?

It’s not even Hallowe’en – yet.

But the clocks are winding back this weekend

and we’ll soon be pitched into the dark.

Which no one likes to navigate alone.

Just please don’t leave any ambiguous messages

on the answer phone.


Copyright © Bee Smith 2018


Featured Image:

Photo by Maud CORREA on Unsplash

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