Dancing with a Dressmaker’s Dummy

Another day and another challenge to try a poetry form previously spurned. And today’s poem is a pantoum, which also uses an end rhyming scheme of which I have written previously that it is not a natural fit.  But if you are running in a poetry marathon who says you can expect comfort? And this does begin to feel as if poetry practice is morphing into something else.

Dancing with the Dressmaker’s Dummy


Dance with the dressmaker’s dummy.

but take care of tissue thin pattern.

Those tiny pins tend to draw blood.

Resisting pain is perhaps pointless.


Nor to be rigid as Saturn.

Find grace, your hands delicately placed,

to make your waltz turn deliquesce.

That takes practice, patience, and some pluck.


This may not suit makers in haste.

Appraise the quality of fabric.

Also – a dummy is a eunuch,

a salient point to remember.


It feels like a bag of bardic tricks

dancing with this dressmaker’s dummy –

selvage, binding, drape, hang, cut, shirr-

but tiny pins tend to draw blood.


Copyright © 2018 Bee Smith


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Photo by Ab on Unsplash

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