Sometimes Only a Poem Will Do

When a photo cannot do justice only a poem will do

You may not see these midsummer nights

the long twilight stretching pink fingers

out from the palm of midnight

across the western horizon.

But I can.


a plumping moon eight months gone


Her soft satisfied light bluing the night,

the trees, their leaves.

Venus sparkles stage right.

The Fat Lady and her twinkling diminutive friend

pierce the gathering dark

with their different brightness.

Elated, I run down the lane in my pyjamas,

greeting both like long lost women friends

ones unmet since we shared our youth,

our brightness lighting up the dark.

6 thoughts on “Sometimes Only a Poem Will Do

  1. The imagery in this one was just exquisite. Honestly, I adored it… I am no longer young, but can still run. I think that I might just do that, arms outstretched, to greet all the moons of my life. Just as I did in my morning days, running more than a little wild… Thank you.

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  2. Really vivid imagery there and I love the final line. We all have a brightness we can share. Bee, thanks for sharing yours.


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