Play? Aren’t there Rules?

Day 16 of NaPoWriMo wants us to play. Play? On a Monday? Do they even imagine how much stuff needs to happen on a Monday even for people with the most flexible schedules?  So here I am two hours from day’s end and nary a moment to have had to consider writing a poem. Yes! It has been that kind of busy, mission-filled day.

And what can someone who is pathologically unable (maybe even congenitally?) to understand the rules of most team sports got to go on that topic? (It might even be genetic. My sister and I have discussed our complete puzzlement/ brain freeze with most rules of sports.) We were driving back home from a Mindfulness Meditation session past 9pm and I was beginning to sweat. Or consider just giving it a miss. But my own rules for April are to write a poem – even something that resembles the second draft of a poem – each day. And to post it. Those are the only rules that I seem capable of understanding this April. I may know nothing of GAA or chess or only vaguely grasp the principles of any card game not Authors, but I do get that there are rules. You have to know rules to play a game. And the only game I seem to be able to play is NaPoWriMo! At least by my own definition of those rules. 1) check the prompt daily, 2) write a poem, 3) post the poem on the blog.

But one thing I rarely do is versify. And I never have attempted a limerick. So with the clock ticking this is what is on offer for today.  I haven’t a clue if my anapests are in order (too tired), but I did stick to AABBA rhyme schemata.


There was once a woman blew in to Dowra

Who learned to talk Leitrim and say “How ye!”

She’s auditioning to be Corrogue’s next crone

Now she’s past sixty and fully all grown

Having found home and her own Hallelujah!

Copyright © 2018 Bee Smith

And to all a good night!

Bee Smith facilitates creative writing workshops, with experience with all age groups and in men-only and women-only groups. She leads haiku walks in Northwest Ireland. If you would like to information about workshops and events and would like to be added to the mailing list please fill in the contact form.

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