Seven Chakra Elevenie

Day 15 of NaPoWriMo2018 and I was completely unedified by the prompt for the first time this morning. But as one poet friend said on Facebook, ‘NaPoWriMo is not my boss!’ Maybe it is because of New Moon today, which astrologers say has a very peculiar vibe for some of us. Or it could just be that dark moons are far from energising progenitors. The moon is dark! And I certainly felt like a blind mole blinking over my blank pages this morning.

First, I tried a variation on an exercise I call ‘Word Salad’ – grab about six random words from the dictionary or from newspaper headlines and see how the dots can begin to connect.  That was a futile hour (or more.)

My next strategy was to take quite a tight form, but one in brief. I decided on the elevenie (see  here for details). I had been playing around with yellow in my futile hour of doodling words on the page and then realised I could do linked elevenie right up the chakras. So this is for all my dear reiki friends and fellows.

Seven Chakra Elevenie


is happening

relay ready, revving

get up and go




makes art

please me you

conceive, configure, conjugate, confabulate




early warning

caged canary trilling

listen to small fears




grows everything

seed, sprout, fruit

even garden your heart




just saying

body, mind, spirit

making language with flesh





sky, ocean, eye

look wide and deep




is ultra

elixir, alchemy, quitessence

adjust your inner tiara



Copyright © 2018 Bee Smith


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