Freezer Spell

Samuel Beckett is quoted (in a much editted version), “All poetry is ….prayer.” Patricia Monaghan substituted spell for prayer. Either or both apply in my view. Day 8 of NaPoWriMo2018/GloPoWriMo has a prompt that involves magic and/or spells. And most fortuitously,  yesterday Traci Yorke blogged about freezer spells.Witchcraft 101 The Freezer Spell.  I strongly recommend that you read her post to give you background on what real witches who wield wooden spoons rather than wands get up to. Because, although the prompt invited us to add newts and fauns, real magic can be a bit more prosaic and still be potent. Bane work, in witchy parlance,  is not to be treated lightly.

NaPoWriMo Day 8’s prompt reads:

Let’s take a leaf from Shelley’s book, and write poems in which mysterious and magical things occur. Your poem could take the form of a spell, for example, or simply describe an event that can’t be understood literally. Feel free to incorporate crystal balls, fauns, lightning storms, or whatever seems fierce and free and strange. Poetry is like that (at least when you’ve been reading Shelley!)

Freezer Spell


Wrap the person well

in an eiderdown say

or fleece


before placing in the casket

or large Tupperware box

to release.


Choose a chill room or ice cube tray

even one of Iceland’s myriad aisles

for the formal desist and cease


from one’s orbit or ambit.

Just do no harm to give your head

a bit of some peace.


Do what you will -the witch’s rede-

at least in metaphorical speak. Keep it legal.

Avoid the police.


Later, when the danger is long past,

take out and appropriately appreciate.

Gently thaw your expertise.


Float a mini iceberg down stream

or install it as art downtown. Either/or

magic worked will always be showpiece.


© 2018 Bee Smith


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Bee Smith is a creative writing workshop facilitator and local guide within the spectacular Cavan/Fermanagh border country known as Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark. To find out about events and workshops contact her here:

4 thoughts on “Freezer Spell

  1. This is just so, so, SO amazingly cool! You incorporated so many pieces of the spell in such incredibly lyrical ways – I’m simply blown away by how awesome this is! Thanks so much for the shout out Bee!

    Liked by 1 person

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