A Secret Never To Be Told

Hello  to NaPoWriMo2018! Or, for those of us not based Stateside, GloPoWriMo (Global Poetry Writing Month). For the next thirty days I will be posting a poem a day. Sometimes  it will be taken from prompts from the NaPoWriMo.net website. But not always. They are suggestions only. But I am going to take today’s prompt as my theme, which is secret shame or secret pleasure. Since I explored shame recently in on Being a Bad Woman, I am turning to the subject of secret pleasure.

Seven Magpies

For a secret never to be told

Which is not much fun

From a coven of flash feathered friends

Gossip will send you straight to hell

That kind of tell a heinous crime

At least according to mother

But the glee in the re-telling

Of hoists to a few petards

The retailing  of curses that become blessed!

Of course, Higher Gossip, is by definition

For the greater Good of the Many broadening

The local moral spectrum, but

Lower gossip has much more juice and fizz

That precious pearl of information

Spilled to the gossip mill chaplin

It’s a mission this dissemination

Although there are other

Dimensions one can explore for delectation

So, once upon a time…

In a townland nearby

Paddy happened to spy

A courting couple canoodled

In the car parked up in the lane

Everyone thought Ted was after Madame X

But only Paddy  knew from his own eyes

That it was really Y

And do you know?

I never told anyone for two whole weeks!

And he still slow smiled the satisfaction it gave him

Twenty years on

Copyright 2018 Bee Smith

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