NaPoWriMo2017 Day 26

Only a few more days left to NaPoWriMo2017.  I have written twenty-eight poems to date, having decided to dedicate April to etching a poetry writing groove in my neural network.  What I witnessed on the dog’s evening exercise was crying to be recorded.

Today’s prompt is to write about what might future archaeologist would make of our civilisation.  And although there is nod to the topic, I went off on a tangent, as is my wont. So this is sort of antidote to paleology.

Without Object


I did not lift my smartphone

capturing that twilit glimpse –

a cygnet pair honking

their elation. First flight:

wings’ strength, sinew testing

their new form, span and rhythm.

Flap and landing plunge. Then glide

across lough towards sunset.


If in future time they crack

the code of ancient silicon,

chip away all the data,

construct story around all

the photos, diary notes-

“Dentist, 3pm, Tony” –

excavating this midden

of the digital era,

what meaning will overlay

the absence of a record?


This maiden flight of two swans

still wearing sooty plumage:

sunset, shoreline, springtime, soul,

the sound of their wild joy.

The old dog’s response to their

call. Their lunge at lough water.

Moment without artefact.

Without object, what story?

5 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo2017 Day 26

  1. Bee, oh me oh my: an outstanding poem, even for thee. This one brought hardened ol’ me to tears, and I know the spirit of Mary Oliver as well as the other great nature-poets’ shades are bowing to you for your capture of this moment of aware Being. The way your words broaden and deepen the initial image-focus is breath-taking in the most life-affirming way. It’s ALL here in your words. Resonance that lasts … ~ kwp

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      1. Those labour pangs so worth their trouble! The other aspect worth noting is that your poetic voice is unique … at its best, as here, it’s quite distinctive. So there!

        Liked by 1 person

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