Day 15 NaPoWriMo2017

At the midpoint of the month, so follows the theme for todays poem.



The middle is always messy.


In negotiations, Mo Mowlam

Famously hurled down her chemo wig,

A gauntlet to any renegers

To get real, to stop flim-flamming,

Be mired. This was a fight for life

Not just history of empire.


The middle is always messy.


In every He Said and She Said

Fraught  in the trenches of domestic

Un-bliss, curdling into aspic –

The icy frontier carved down the bed.

This is a fight for life. Put barbwire

Round your heart if you must.  Bank your trust.


The middle is always messy.


Boundaries are good, necessary,

To broker a peace, play fair, straight bat.

A strategic withdrawal. Cutbacks.

Borders need invisibility

whether during child handover

Or hostage return. Fighting for life,


The middle is always messy.


The Middle Way is cast up to us

As an ideal path to tread in life.

Lao Tzu advised against storm and strife

As too extreme for happiness.

The aim’s to give the edges a blur.

In this precious life, feel only blessed.


Yet the middle can be messy.

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